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I am so thankful to have met, Cassie. She is very helpful and an awesome therapist! I really do recommend her to anyone who is looking to get professional help in the Lacey/ Olympia area. She is great!
Cassie is the BEST therapist ever! She has helped me so much through out all of our sessions together. She always listens to me and puts 100% of her effort in. She helps guide me into the right direction and always makes me feel like i’m in a comfortable safe atmosphere. I never found a therapist like her! I’m very grateful to have met her and to continue our work together! if their is ANYONE i could recommend it would be her!
Krystal L.
Cassie is the very BEST therapist I have ever had. She has helped me through numerous events in my life that would have previously been very detrimental. I am very grateful to have her be a part of my life and look forward to continuing our work.
Cassie has been there for me when I was falling apart, she IS the reason I am still alive now. She always listened to me an guided me towards enjoying life again. Cassie is without a doubt the best counselor around.
Nikki Elaine
Cassie is the BEST therapist ever! No one has helped me more than anyone else has! She has literally saved my life!
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